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I am Todd Little and I started Stats Camp back in 2003, with a dozen faculty and graduate students attending my SEM Foundations and extended applications course while at the University of Kansas. I founded Stats Camp because I was acutely aware of how researchers, faculty, and students desperately needed ready access to the advanced statistical procedures driving the research agendas of today. Read More…


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Welcome to Todd Little’s Stats Camp. Started in 2003, an award winning enterprise, stats camp has been and remains the premier forum for continuing education in advanced statistical analyses and methodological designs. Now in its 14th year, we offer our mainstay “Stats Camp” as well as our focused “Mini Camps” and, coming in April, our international outreach: stats camp goes to Europe or “Euro Camp” As always, learn, enjoy, and change the world!

SMEP Minority Fellowship Available

The Society of Multivariate Experimental Psychology (http://www.smep.org/) is offering a trial scholarship for minority scholars to attend our summer institutes. For the purposes of the SMEP minority fellowships, minority is defined as Latino/a, African American, or Native American.

Prospective students should submit an application for a fellowship that includes copies of transcripts, a declaration of minority status, a statement of financial need, and a short personal statement that must address what you wish to accomplish from taking a summer institute course, including both short-term and long-term goals. All received applications will be reviewed by the faculty who teach the summer institute courses. We will rank order the candidates based on merit and need. Funds are limited, so not all applicants will receive support. Qualified applicants will receive a discounted registration fee. The registration fee must be paid to be eligible for financial assistance. The scholarship is only available for Stats Camp.   To apply, please complete the application survey.