Stats Camp Activities

Campers like to have fun!
After class, venture to downtown Albuquerque on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights to see what the historic Old Town and Downtown Albuquerque has to offer. Click here for more information about Stats Camp location in Albuquerque.




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Daily After Class Mixers

The nightly social mixer is a great way to network throughout Stats Camp week! Come meet and mingle, see old friends, and make new ones! Relax, sip a glass of wine or beer and get to know your fellow campers.

Group Lunch

A group lunch is provided each day. Meet your classmates and other campers, and fuel up for the second half of your day!

Individual Consultation

Need to ask questions? In most classes, there are individual consultations for extra help on class work or for personal data analysis projects at the end of class on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Check syllabi for individual consultation schedules.

Snack Table

Recharge with a cup of coffee or cold beverage and select a snack to munch on from the snack area. A variety of snacking options are available during session breaks, so come in and refuel. It’s all good, snack on!