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Statistical Modeling On Remote Servers

All Stats Camp statistical methods training courses offer FREE access to our Statistical Modeling On Remove Servers. S.M.O.R.S. is a system of stand alone computers to deliver state-of-the-art statistical modeling software applications for StatsCampers. Currently S.M.O.R.S. has the following stats software installed:

Mplus v7.2
StatTransfer v12
R (inclding simsem, sem Tools & Iaavan)

S.M.O.R.S. is only available to campers during the duration of the Stats Camp statistical training course. If you would like any of this stats software for use after Stats Camp, you will need to contact the software publisher to purchase a copy.

How to login to S.M.O.R.S computers?

For Stats Camp users you can click on one of the following links:

S.M.O.R.S. Windows 7 users

S.M.O.R.S. Windows 8 users

S.M.O.R.S. Mac users


Quark Information To install the package, users will need to:

  1. Download the package (to your downloads folder)
  2. Open R / RStudio and type in the following command:

For Mac: install.packages(“/Users/…/Downloads/Quark_1.2.tar.gz”, repos=NULL, type=”source”)

For PC: install.packages(“C:/Users/…/Downloads/Quark_1.2.tar.gz”, repos=NULL, type=”source”)

For ALL Users: Replace “…” with the computer username (e.g., “/Users/stevenchesnut/Downloads”)

  1. Run Quark in R / RStudio by typing in the following command: library(Quark)

For instructions on how to use Quark, please check out the package help files that are contained within the program (viewable in RStudio), or click here .

Important Note: If there are variables with over 50% missing, the foundation imputation software that this program is built upon won’t run properly. We do recommend that you check your variables before running these functions.