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Supplemental Materials

This page contains links to materials and resources associated with manuscripts that are either under review, in press, or published. This repository is a service to the field provided by your good friends at StatsCamp.org

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Missing Data
Field Guide Library
Documents & Links
Online support materials for JCP 2017 Article by Little, Espelage, and Merrin

Supplemental Downloads


Quark For Download

You can also find the latest versions at the quark repository

PDF Quark Document For Download


xxM Statistical FIgures For Download

xxM (DOWNLOAD ZIP – Coming Soon)

Sample SEM Figures

AI Statistical FIgures For Download
PPT Statistical FIgures For Download Todd Little 2013

Sample SEM Syntax

Content Coming Soon…

On the Joys of Missing Data

Online Support Materials for JCP 2017
Article by Little, Espelage, and Merrin

Field Guide Library

Content Coming Soon…

Documents & Links