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Registration Includes:

• Access to advanced statisical modeling software. Included with every course:- Mplus v7.2
– StatTransfer v12
– R (simsem, sem Tools & Iaavan)

• Hands-on software training included in every course. Stats Camp gives you access to advanced software, AND we teach you how to use it for your project.

• One-On-One consultation focused on YOUR research project. Bring your research data to Stats Camp, get your questions answered by our team of experts.

• Build the contacts that help build careers at Stats Camp. Stats Camp participants come from all over the world and all fields including Medicine, Government, Education, Finance, Engineering, Sociology, Psychology and many more.

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University Graduate Data Analysis Training Courses


Statistics Training Course:

Longitudinal Modeling with
Modern Treatments for Missing Data
October 23 – 24, 2018
Nord University, Bodo, Norway

– Instructor, Todd D. Little, Ph.D.

Day 1: The first day of this mini-camp will introduce participants to modern methods for treating missing data. Rather than being a bane to statistical inferences, missing data can be effectively treated to optimize these inferences in any setting where missing data can arise. This course will introduce the core ideas that underlie modern approaches to missing data, and will illustrate why, when properly implemented, modern missing data treatments will optimize any inferences based on statistical modeling of data in the presence of missing data.

Day 2: The second day is an intensive one-day seminar consisting of lectures and discussions and to provide participants with advanced training in SEM for the analysis of longitudinal data. I will focus particularly on useful advances In the techniques for longitudinal research.

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Stats Camp is an internationally recognized award winning educational event focused on advanced statistical training at the graduate and post graduate level. Each year, full week long Stats Camps and Mini Camps are held in locations throughout the world.

We hear it over and over again that our value and efficiency enables our students to propel their research forward!

“I was really amazed how comprehensive and hands-on the mini camp was. I am confident that I can take everything I learned, from the basic to the advanced topics, and employ them independently in my own research.”
-Katie Paschall, M.S., Doctoral Candidate The University of Arizona

“Stats Camp is the best ever—hands down! Virtually everything about it is superb—material presented is thorough and well documented, slide content is always clear and readable, time for questions and discussion is generous. Participants are also provided with an abundance of supportive resources. In my view, Todd Little’s Stats Camp is an absolute gold mine.”
-Barbara Byrne, School of Psychology, University of Ottawa