Removing work obligations for a few days at an analysis retreat can lead to astonishing levels of productivity.

Take advantage of an unparalleled opportunity to participate in exclusive, personalized collaboration with a distinguished statistics expert. With this exceptional chance to work closely with a seasoned professional, you can tap into their extensive knowledge and experience to achieve your goals and succeed in your analytical pursuits.

Statistics Training Retreats

What is an analysis retreat?

A multi-day escape from your daily routine where you can reflect on advancing your work to the next level while applying new tools and statistical methods in a hands on learning environment led by innovative scholars.

Statistics Training Retreats

what attendees are saying

“I chose a pretty complex analysis to learn. Not only did I learn more about how to do the method, I also learned the rationale and significance of each of the steps involved. It can be easy to learn a process, yet not understand all the pieces involved. The Stats Camp instructors took their time in explaining the analysis and helping me run it‚Äî Which I greatly appreciate. I recommend this retreat for researchers who want to advance their quantitative skills- regardless of their level of expertise.”

“Do you have a stats question? If so, this is the camp for you. I arrived at Stats Camp with a laundry list of questions, all of which were answered in full. My questions included topics on both theory and software (Mplus and R). The multiple-day, all-day format facilitated the best outcome. After consultations, more questions naturally arose. By the end of my Stats Camp experience, all of my original questions along with +100 million follow up questions were answered.”

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