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Spring Camp

3 Days – March 9 – 11, Atlanta, GA

Applied Latent Class Analysis
Instructor: Katherine Masyn

Multilevel Modeling
Instructor: Audrey Leroux

Propensity Score Methods
Instructor: Walter Leite

SEM Foundations and Extended Applications
Instructors: Todd Little & Elizabeth Grandfield

Statistics Training Courses

Euro Camp

Session 2:

2.5 Days May 3 – 5, Lisbon, Portugal

Applied Latent Transition Analysis
Instructor: Katherine Masyn

Introduction to Mplus
Instructor: Elizabeth Grandfield

Longitudinal SEM
Instructor: Todd Little

Structural Equation Modeling With Lavaan
Instructor: Yves Rosseel

Systematic Review
and Meta-Analysis Workshop

Instructor: Joshua R. Polanin

Summer Camp

Session 1:

5 Days – June 5 – 9, Albuquerque, NM

Bayesian Data Analysis
Instructor: John Kruschke

Latent Class Analysis
Instructor: Katherine Masyn

Multilevel Modeling
Instructors: James Selig & Co-Instructor Patrick Coulombe

Instructors: Larry Price & Todd Little

Program Evaluation
Instructors: Mwarumba Mwavita
& Dasha Cochran

SEM Foundations
Instructors: Todd Little & Noel Card

Statistical Programming
and Data Analysis with R

Instructor: Kyle Lang

Summer Camp

Session 2:

5 Days – June 12 – 16, Albuquerque, NM

Bayesian SEM
Instructor: Mauricio Garnier-Villarreal

Longitudinal Mixture Modeling
Instructors: Katherine Masyn
& Karen Nylund-Gibson

Longitudinal SEM
Instructors: Todd Little, Katherine Masyn, Whitney Moore

Mediation & Moderation
Instructor: Kyle Lang

Instructor: Noel Card

Multilevel SEM with xxM
Instructor: Paras Mehta

SEM with Mplus
Instructor: Elizabeth Grandfield

Social Network Analysis
Instructors: Leslie Echols & Michael Siciliano

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