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Looking to advance your skills in statistical methods and data analysis?

Look no further than Stats Camp, the premier provider of training in advanced quantitative methods for data analysts in the social, health, and behavioral sciences since 2003. Our expert instructors have helped thousands of students worldwide improve their statistical skills, from beginners to advanced researchers. Earn APA CE Credits online or in-person from one of our many statistical methods training courses. Stats Camp Foundation is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. Stats Camp Foundation maintains responsibility for this program and its content.

APA Approved Sponsor Statistics CE Credits

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Summer 1: June 5 @ 9:00 am – June 9 @ 5:00 pm MDT

Summer 2: June 12 @ 9:00 am – June 16 @ 5:00 pm MDT

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Stats Camp is the place for a meeting of the minds and an opportunity to sit down and sort through complex ideas with people who can guide you, side-by-side, through the sticking points so you can get back into the flow. It’s amazing that something like this exists. Dr. Little has given the world a tremendous gift with Stats Camp. I walked in knowing nothing substantial and walked out delighted and better skilled.
Best Statistics Training Course Online

Benjamin Theisen, Ph.D., Business Psychology Consulting Group

I was impressed with the amount of material Dr. Todd Little and team were able to cover in Summer Camp. The instructors moved at a pace appropriate for the participants, adapted the materials as we went along to accommodate this pace, and still offered individual consultations. I am confident that I can take everything I learned, from the basic to the advanced topics & employ them independently in my own research.
Best Statistics Training Course Online

Katie Paschall, Ph.D., Senior Research Scientist at Child Trends

Stats Camp was the most useful statistical training I’ve ever had. The instructors are down to earth and practical in their teaching style and the classroom environment was relaxed and non-threatening, which is necessary for such a potentially daunting topic. In particular, the one-on-one private consultation with my own data was invaluable, I highly recommend signing up for the Summer Stats Camp in Albuquerque!
Best Statistics Training Course Online

Kris Carlson, Ph.D., Sandia National Laboratories

The Stats Camp instructor’s clear and practical presentation of material that was once intimidating to me has uncovered a powerful analytic tool. I feel comfortable that I’ve learned the correct application of SEM Foundations and Extended Applications from experts in the field. At the same time, I was introduced to cutting edge statistics techniques and I understand the advantages of their practical use and application.
Best Statistics Training Course Online

Jenny Tehan, Ph.D., Department of Psychology University of Akron

I took both Foundations of SEM and Longitudinal SEM last summer and I have to say this has been one of the most useful learning experiences of my life. The courses were excellent! Everything was explained in a clear fashion with plenty of time for questions and practice. Learning was fun and the teaching happened at multiple levels, such that everyone would have a lot of knowledge gain regardless of their level of expertise.
Best Statistics Training Course Online

Rodica Damian, Ph.D., Associate Professor University of California, Davis

The Stats Camp expert instructors were clear, concise, and helpful in addressing questions. Before attending, I was concerned that I would have trouble truly understanding all of the concepts and material in such a short time, but the instruction was fantastic and not overwhelming. I particularly found it advantageous to stay on-site at the Embassy Suites so I could participate in all of the after hours networking events.
Best Statistics Training Course Online

Spiros Tzivelekis, Ph.D., GHE Director - Amgen

The Stats Camp instructors have an unmistakable dedication to research methods and data analysis of the very highest quality-but are remarkably balanced in their very obvious efforts to connect with others on a professional and personal level as very likable and real people. I really enjoyed the networking opportunities that the breakout sessions provided and will be returning for another Summer Camp soon!
Best Statistics Training Course Online

Chen Zhang, Ph.D., Faculty University of Memphis

Thank you to Dr. Todd Little and his team for facilitating such a great statistical methods training workshop in Albuquerque. I absolutely got what I needed and was energized in my work when I returned to Cleveland. This was a wonderful experience that I will be sure to share with my colleagues here at CWRU. Now I am looking forward to mediation this summer in Albuquerque! Who knew I would be excited for more stats!
Best Statistics Training Course Online

Leigh-Ann Sweeney, Ph.D., Lecturer and Health Service Researcher

I participated in the SEM: Foundations and Extended Applications course earlier this summer. It was such a wonderful statistics training opportunity that has, already, found lots of applications in various grant proposals and analyses. As I’ve said to several colleagues since, Stats Camp has a special ability to take something that prior to my arrival seemed overwhelming and complicated and make it seem so do-able.
Best Statistics Training Course Online

Amy K. Syvertsen, Ph.D., Applied Developmental Scientist

The highlight of the summer break was attending ‘Stats Camp,’ an educational camp in Albuquerque New Mexico that provides advanced-level training in Statistics. The 5-day class I took (‘SEM with Mplus’) passed by quickly, as an information-packed series of lectures, hands-on examples, personal consultations, and jokes. Classes were small, lectures succinct/direct, and training content based on each individual student requests.
Best Statistics Training Course Online

Anna Yu Lee, PhD, MPH, MA, Counselor/Therapist

I can honestly say that for the first time in years I have been able to focus on myself and my research. I feel physically and mentally healthier than ever and I am excited about the cutting-edge knowledge and resources I am gaining in the rapidly evolving field of latent variable modeling. I am going to make it a goal to prioritize Statscamp for myself and graduate students on a yearly basis. Definitely recommend!
Best Statistics Training Course Online

Sarah D. Lynne-Landsman, Ph.D., Family, Youth & Community Sciences

I can strongly recommend the Stats Camp Summer course in Longitudinal Mixture Modeling. It is as systematic and comprehensive as the very best of the research methods courses I have participated in since I moved from business to academics 12 years ago. It has been an important tool box for pulling apart differing effects in subpopulations for the coming generation of social and behavioral science researchers, starting now!
Best Statistics Training Course Online

Alan R. Johnson, Ph.D., Senior Research Fellow at NORD University, Bodø, Norway

The Summer Stats Camp training institute provides a wonderful opportunity for researchers and data analysts to learn the basic foundations of SEM as well as some advanced applications and research opportunities that SEM can facilitate. Dr. Little provides personable “hands-on”instruction in a relaxed and enjoyable environment. I highly recommend this summer institute to faculty and graduate students alike!
Best Statistics Training Course Online

Paul Schrodt, Ph.D., Professor and Director of Graduate Studies

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Benefits You Can’t Ignore:

Experience the Power of In-Person Statistical Methods Training

Interaction & engagement

In-person training courses provide the most opportunities for interaction and engagement with expert instructors and other participants. This can help learners to clarify concepts, ask questions, receive one-on-one feedback more easily and quickly, leading to a more productive and effective learning experience.

Hands-on practice

Some statistical methods require hands-on practice with an expert statistician to fully understand and apply effectively. In-person Stats Camp training courses offer more opportunities for participants to work through problems and exercises together with our expert instructors, using real-world datasets and access to the best statistics software tools.

Reduced distractions

Online or asynchronous training courses may be more susceptible to distractions, such as interruptions from home or work obligations, that can detract from the learning experience. In-person training courses can provide a more focused and immersive learning environment, which can lead to better retention and application of new skills.

Stats Camp Statistical Methods Training Summer Camp Albuquerque New Mexico

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Curious about Our Statistical Methods Training Courses?

frequently asked questions

We offer a range of in-person and online training courses in advanced statistical methods for researchers in the social, health, and behavioral sciences. Our courses cover a variety of topics, including regression analysis, multilevel modeling, longitudinal data analysis, structural equation modeling, Bayesian data analysis, and more. We also offer courses focused on specific software packages, such as R, SAS, and SPSS, as well as courses on research design and methodology. Our courses are designed to be hands-on and interactive, with a mix of lectures, practical exercises, and one-on-one feedback from experienced instructors. Whether you are a graduate student, researcher, or academic professional, our courses are designed to help you build your skills, advance your career, and achieve your research goals. View our full list of statistical methods training courses.

Get ready to level up your statistical methods skills with our in-person training courses! Our courses are designed to fit your busy schedule and run from 9am to 5pm MDT daily, with snack, refreshment, bathroom and lunch breaks to keep you fueled and focused. You’ll learn through a mix of engaging lectures, informative slides, and hands-on training and practical exercises that will help you build your confidence and master the material. Plus, our experienced instructors will be available for one-on-one feedback and guidance, helping you tackle any roadblocks you face in your own research projects. Don’t miss this opportunity to take your statistical methods skills to the next level!

The instructors at StatsCamp.org are some of the best in the field and bring years of experience and expertise to the classroom. Many of our instructors are highly regarded researchers and professors in their respective fields, with advanced degrees and extensive research backgrounds. They have a deep understanding of the latest statistical methods and techniques, and are skilled at translating complex concepts into clear and accessible language. In addition to their impressive academic credentials, our instructors are also passionate about teaching and dedicated to helping students succeed. They are committed to creating a supportive learning environment and providing personalized feedback and guidance to help students overcome challenges and achieve their goals.

Yes! At Stats Camp, we understand the importance of continuing education in today’s fast-paced world. That’s why we offer Continuing Education Credits for all of our courses. As an approved sponsor by the American Psychological Association, the Stats Camp Foundation takes responsibility for the program and its content, ensuring that you receive the highest quality education possible. By taking one of our courses, you can earn the Continuing Education Credits you need to advance your career and stay up-to-date with the latest developments in statistical methods.

At StatsCamp.org, we believe in providing an intimate and personalized learning experience for every student. Our classes typically have around 20 students, which allows for individual attention and plenty of opportunities to ask questions and receive feedback. With the option for smaller classes of 5 or larger ones of up to 40, we can provide a learning environment that best suits your needs. Additionally, we often have teaching assistants to ensure you get the support you need to succeed. And with one-on-one time with instructors, you can get personalized attention to address any roadblocks you face in your research projects.

Immerse yourself in expert one-on-one training with world-class instructors, and enjoy a catered lunch and select beverages (with additional snacks when possible) during our on-site trainings. As a participant, you will receive an electronic copy of all course materials, including lecture slides, practice datasets, software scripts, supporting documentation, and recommended readings. Plus, you’ll have access to a video recording of the course to review at your convenience.

Note: Travel and lodging are not included in the course registration fee. We do however offer a discounted room block and Embassy Suites can help you with ground travel to and from the airport.

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  • Software Scripts

  • Supporting Documentation

  • Recommended Readings

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  • Expert One-on-One Training

  • Breakfast (Embassy Guests)

  • Daily Lunch, Refreshments and Snacks

  • All Lecture Slides

  • Practice Datasets

  • Software Scripts

  • Supporting Documentation

  • Recommended Readings

  • Lodging Cost

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Don’t miss out on the opportunity to secure funding for Stats Camp, the premier training program for data analysts in the social, health, and behavioral sciences. Our expert instructors and hands-on approach will give you the skills and confidence you need to succeed in your research endeavors. Act now to secure your funding and unlock your potential with Stats Camp. Download our FREE PDF budget template to help you quickly and easily assemble a cost list to submit to your department.

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