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Research as Social Justice

All research is a matter of social justice:

  • Research findings are the building blocks of policy and practice.
  • When the building blocks are made of faulty material, the foundation of policy and practice is at best weak and at worst on the precipice of collapse.
  • If we don’t adopt modern methods (which are decidedly advanced, sophisticated and complex), our results will be inaccurate.
  • By implication, the results will reflect a miscarriage of social justice.

Methods are not applied – they are justified

  • Justification implies making reasoned choices and principled adaptions.

  • Teach “how” to think about statistics/methods, not “what”to think.

  • Eschew routinize applications of methods.

  • Tailor the methods to the questions.

  • Embrace the complexity.

“Research questions can thereby become more sophisticated and more nuanced because the methodological machinery can be adapted, through principled and thoughtful justification, to provide minimally equivocal answers.”

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