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Mediation and Moderation

Livestream and/or Asynchronous: If you are unavailable to join live via Zoom, you can participate asynchronously by viewing the recorded course videos for up to 1 year.

A comprehensive 4-day Stats Camp seminar on Mediation and Moderation.

Researchers are no longer simply interested in if one variable (X) is related to another (Y). Instead, research questions such as: “Why is X related to Y?” and “When is X related to Y?” abound. This course addresses methods to test why two variables are related (mediation) and when two variables are related (moderation).

Instructor: Mwarumba Mwavita, Ph.D.

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Mediation and Moderation

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A comprehensive 5-day Stats Camp seminar on Mediation and Moderation.

Great! You have an idea you’re interested in, now what? You may even have a theory that X will predict Y, but the more important question, the question that we really what to know is, why does X predict Y, or when does X predict Y. Modeling these mechanisms of change are where Mediation and/or Moderation become your methodological hero!
Pay Now or Invoice $1,145.00 – $1,895.00
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