APA Acredited Statistics Training
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Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Livestream and/or Asynchronous: If you are unavailable to join live via Zoom, you can participate asynchronously by viewing the recorded course videos for up to 1 year.

An intermediate 4-day course introducing and practicing the concepts of systematic reviewing and conducting a meta-analysis using R.

Systematic review and meta-analysis are techniques used to synthesize and summarize large bodies of research literature. Compared to results from a single primary study, results from a meta-analysis provide greater generalizability, increased precision, and the ability to explore heterogeneity across studies. You will use the latest techniques and technical tools to conduct a high-quality systematic review and meta-analysis. You will learn hands-on, practical, and applied approaches to conducting reviews by combining lectures with practice material designed to enable you to conduct future meta-analyses.

Instructor: Joshua R. Polanin, Ph.D.

Pay Now or Invoice $945.00 – $1,295.00
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